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Let me begin by saying Priscilla Shirer is a blessing from the Most High especially for women like me who are in the beginning stages of their relationship with God and learning their identity in Christ. If you have never heard of her, I HIGHLY suggest you do some research on her. I learned about […]


The Holy Spirit has been constantly reminding me that our words have power lately so I have decided to attempt to make at least one declaration post per week for us to be able to speak abundance into our lives based on biblical truths.  Strength is this week’s focus. I’m sure we will need all […]

Failure is the Reason God Made Mercy

I’ll begin by speaking my truth. One morning during my prayer time I asked my Heavenly Father to show me how I can get my fitness back in order because I have been slacking a bunch lately. I can’t tell if it’s from spiritual attacks or just plain laziness so of course I needed His […]

What is God teaching me through reading my bible…

A wise minister named Dr. Tony Evans once said that you know when God is speaking to you through His Word when you are not only reading it but you are being transformed by it, and I have to say I completely agree with this statement. I believe there is no better time than now to […]

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